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Smarten up your home saving energy and money at the same time. Integration of whole house audio visual, LED lighting control, security, climate control, CCTV cameras, messaging, Irrigation, Pool and Spa, weather and photos. Control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world with one touch access from multiple devices such as Apple or Android tablets & smart phones, remote controls, touchpads, touch screens, PC or MAC. Our systems provide you with the latest technology and are simple to use!


Enjoy high definition movies in every room from one centralised system. Watch your HDPVR, Apple TV, Blu-ray disc player or Media server in multiple rooms in crystal clear high definition. Stream movies, pictures, YouTube videos and more from your Apple or Android smart phone or tablet devices. Choose from a library of movies with cover art and synopsis information. Play different HD movies in different rooms at the same time. The system can be controlled by your  Smart phones or tablets, remote control.


Creating the perfect Home Cinema experience is one of the things we do best!Our products are tailored to suite your budget, room and sound expectations. Options vary from small to medium surround sound systems in the family room to your own luxury private cinema with dedicated seating and a big screen experience. Simply press one button and the lights dim down, the air conditioning is set and the movie begins. The best movie experience is possible in the comfort of your own home.


Lighting control systems are becoming very popular for medium to large homes. They offer convenience, security and energy savings. Imagine arriving home at night and your driveway and outdoor lights are already lit. Create just the right light for any activity or set moods in specific areas of your home, all at the touch of a button. As you disarm the alarm before entering your home: the “welcome home scene” automatically illuminates a series of lights throughout the home, gentle pools of light warm the hallways and passage way to the kitchen. Having key entry points as well as exterior lights light up to provide safety and a welcoming feeling. You can control every lighting circuit in the home with any one button. When you go to sleep at night you can put the whole house to sleep at the touch of a “good night scene” button.


Security has become a necessity in our everyday lives. Wether its used to protect your family or to see if the kids made it home safely from school. Both our Alarm and CCTV camera systems with DVR (Digital Video Recording) or NVR (Network Video Recording) functions intergrate into the system for 24 hour recording and playback of multiple cameras or full controll of your alarm system. While at home or from anywhere in the world, all this can be done from your PC/MAC, Android phones or tablets, iPad, iPhone, touchscreen, remote control or off a simple menu on your TV screen. This can be used for a number of aplications. Such as disarming the alarm for someone comming to feed the dogs while you are away, or checking and arming the alarm remotely because you forgot during the morning rush.


We are now entering the era of “The Internet of Things”, many devices, appliances and electronics are becoming smarter “Connected” to the internet and network. Media servers, Blu-ray disc players, gaming consoles, tablet devices , smart phones, home theatre receivers smart TV’s , thermostats, security systems, lighting control and even home automation control systems are internet capable devices that can communicate with each other in an intuitive way. Media (movies, pictures, music, and internet radio) is being stored and “streamed” though IP (Internet Protocol) and a robust home network is essential in this modern age. A reliable wired and wireless infrastructure forms the “backbone and nerve centre” of your home which will allow you to connect all of your devices to the internet and each other. Welcome to the exciting digital age!


Enjoy music in every room from one centralised system. Access your Mp3’s, internet radio, streaming music in any room or area. Stream music from your Apple iOS or Android smart phone or tablet into the system using Airplay or DLNA wireless technologies Choose from a library of music with cover art, artist title and your own personalised playlist information. Play different tunes in different rooms at the same time or enable the Whole House Music ” Party ” mode to play the same music throughout the home when entertaining. Do you want the sound without the clutter?In ceiling speakers are aesthetically pleasing. Garden, outdoor and rock speakers provide incredible sound whilst remaining discretely hidden between your plants and shrubs. They provide a wide range of audio options for different spaces.

PABX Systems

Our award-winning solutions allow hotels and residential complexes to build communication networks to accommodate every guest room, apartment and administrative office while keeping them connected and secure.Our series of IP PBXs offers a secure and reliable voice, video, data and mobility solution that offers all guests/residents a variety of communication options. Our IP phones are very popular amongst hotels and apartment complexes. These IP phones bring a lot of value by offering advanced VoIP features at extremely affordable prics. Our IP PBXs allows hotels and apartment complexes to build a phone system that offers a separate number for each room/apartment and can handle a large amount of callers. Build a voice, video data that incorporate call recordings, CDR,  IVRs, auto-attendants, call queues, customizable call routing, paging and multi-language prompts.

Surge Protection

Power surges, lightning strikes, over and under voltage and the high occurrence of cable theft are the causes of equipment damage and failure. Power fluctuations, micro spikes and AC line noise negatively affects the performance of your AV and control equipment. With Furman’s Ultra-Linear Filtering, televisions, projectors, DVD players, amplifiers, and processors are fed pristine AC power. For the first time, you will see and hear your theatre or audio system as it should be — uncompromised. Another critical feature is our exclusive Series Multi-Stage Protection featuring Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS). This virtually maintenance-free surge suppression assures the highest level of AC protection possible, up to 6000V and 3000A, much higher than the industry standard of 300V. The units are non-sacrificial by means  a simple reset and you are back on line.

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